For true style connoisseurs, shoes are more than just an accessory – they begin and end a story. Like that of an architect, the mind of a shoe designer is preoccupied with a structure’s foundation – is it strong enough to withstand environmental pressures? Will its materials distract from the overall concept?
One divisive¬†question in particular is: are they comfortable? The answer, of course, depends on one’s interpretation of utility. It’s reasonable to say that one’s pain threshold is proportional to the desire for a particular pair. More often than not, purchasing novelty heels are a vain pursuit, a decision intricately tied to an admiration for craftsmanship and beauty. But comfort? Who needs comfort when you can stand tall in dinosaur platforms?
In major fashion capitals like Paris or Hong Kong, you can spot men and women standing proudly in experimental shoe designs. Heels made to look like coffee spills, flying doves, and even a Nintendo Game Boy punctuate outfits, turning style aficionados into walking artifacts. One of these creative visionaries, Israeli-based shoe designer Kobi Levi, aptly refers to his innovations as “creatures.” The 36-year-old first catapulted into fame after Lady Gaga requested a custom pair of boots to wear for her video, Born this Way.¬†READ MORE