The past five years have not been easy for Daphne Guinness. Two of her close friends committed suicide: first Isabella Blow, the iconic fashion editor, ingested a liquid weedkiller, and almost three years later, Alexander McQueen, her favourite designer, was found dead after hanging himself on the eve of his mother’s funeral.
Their tragic deaths have left a gaping hole in the world of fashion. But through a series of calculated maneuvers, the infamous beer heiress has risen to become a warrior of sorts. Wielding her wealth and social clout, Guinness has taken aim at anything that could tarnish the legacies of both Blow and McQueen. As the late designer’s muse, Guinness lent several of her own pieces to Savage Beauty, the breathtaking exhibit presented by The Costume Institute last summer to celebrate McQueen’s contributions to fashion. Last fall, Guinness also made a point to showcase never-before-seen designs created by McQueen as part of a special exhibit at FIT devoted to Guinness’ life in fashion. READ MORE